Websites. A blacksmiths guide to improving your site’s performance.



I hear people working in the creative sector saying “I have a website. Been no use at all to me, big waste of time” If you’re not gaining anything from your website, it is usually down to one or all three, of the following. 1. you have a bad website that does not show case your work to its full potential. 2. you have spent no time promoting your site and its listing on search engines is very poor. 3. you’re not looking at your site in the correct way for your type of work and the audience your trying to reach .

Here is my guide to help you achieve results from your website if you’re making bespoke art/craft. This is not a definitive guide but simply things I have found useful over the past six years working on my own site.

  • ·         Firstly, find a website…

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About blacksmithsday

I'm a Blacksmith and Sculptor, forging art at the edge of Europe in Co. Sligo in the Northwest of Ireland.
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One Response to Websites. A blacksmiths guide to improving your site’s performance.

  1. rogersforge says:

    Well I think this sounds like fantastic advice, we are being run round in circles by web designers/hosts or whatever but basically rip off’s, paid out hundreds of pounds and got nothing… so we have a useless website for the main business our House with bed and breakfast and a holiday cottage and no site at all for my iron sculpture and blacksmithing or anything for Carole and her name as a fashion designer!!

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