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I'm a Blacksmith and Sculptor, forging art at the edge of Europe in Co. Sligo in the Northwest of Ireland.

Siberian Blacksmith Adventure

I’ve just landed home from one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The story starts in Nuremberg at the Hammer-in 2017 festival where I met Alexander Sushnikov (Sasha), a fantastic blacksmith and sculptor from St Petersburg. We had … Continue reading

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Hammer-in 2017 Design on the Edge. An experiment.

At the beginning of the year Peter Brunner contacted me to invite me to be one of the master blacksmiths involved in creating a master project at Hammer-in 2017, the biennial festival he runs in Sperberslohe, Germany. I jumped at … Continue reading

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Promoting art and craft, a bigger picture.

A brief back story In 2015 I ran a successful Fund It campaign to allow me to travel to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada. I wanted to see how craft and art practises there dealt with promotion of their … Continue reading

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Nochtadh A visual arts award for Ireland

Some time ago I was asked to put down my ideas of a dedicated visual art award for Ireland. This was after a long conversation, with me shooting my mouth off. After not hearing any feed back I talked to … Continue reading

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Trickle-down Culture

What is trickle-down culture? It works in the same way as trickle-down economics in that you give all the money resources and promotion/exposure to those at the top and it will trickle down to benefit everyone. It works about as … Continue reading

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Nothing and everything to do with my work.

Scrolling around social media this morning, tea in hand, I came across more posts and articles that blame the “uneducated” for electing Trump, labelling them as bigoted into the bargain. This saddened, infuriated, depressed and inspired me all in the … Continue reading

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My approaches to work

Last year I was asked by a client how I approach my work, and unusually for me, I didn’t have an answer. So, I’ve been examining just how I do approach it and these are the answers I’ve discovered for … Continue reading

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