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Hammer-in 2017 Design on the Edge. An experiment.

At the beginning of the year Peter Brunner contacted me to invite me to be one of the master blacksmiths involved in creating a master project at Hammer-in 2017, the biennial festival he runs in Sperberslohe, Germany. I jumped at … Continue reading

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Nothing and everything to do with my work.

Scrolling around social media this morning, tea in hand, I came across more posts and articles that blame the “uneducated” for electing Trump, labelling them as bigoted into the bargain. This saddened, infuriated, depressed and inspired me all in the … Continue reading

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Erosion of forged mild steel. A theory.

Never being one to accept things I’m told on face value, I’ve often thought about what in the blacksmith’s world is accepted wisdom on erosion of mild steel. For those of you who aren’t into metallurgy here is a short … Continue reading

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Not Dying

Not Dying is a short film that is an exploration of forge-work as a sculptural medium. Charting the creation of “Hand of the sleeping giant” a sculpture hand forged by myself . Filmed by film maker Simon Watson. Filmed on … Continue reading

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Skill and development vs. time and resources

Had an interesting conversation today at the kitchen table with the current Mrs Budd (Tiffany) about progressing as a craftsperson and artist. We both work at opposite ends of the same medium, metal: Tiff being an extremely talented goldsmith (www.tiffanybudd.com). … Continue reading

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Websites. A blacksmiths guide to improving your site’s performance.

  I hear people working in the creative sector saying “I have a website. Been no use at all to me, big waste of time” If you’re not gaining anything from your website, it is usually down to one or … Continue reading

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We don’t shoe horses!

I’ve heard the question posed “Why are cobblers, who shoe humans, comical figures in history while blacksmiths, who shoe horses, are heroic figures?” There’s a very simple answer to that. Blacksmiths. Don’t. Shoe. Horses! There, I’ve said it and it … Continue reading

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